Atmalogy: Acai bowls and Coffee


The first time I visited Atmalogy, my day was made because I checked-in on Yelp, and got a free cup of coffee. It was because of the free cup of coffee, that I decided to order something else from the menu, the Acai bowl, and it was delicious. I had only had one other Acai bowl in my lifetime and that was in San Diego, but this one was better. It was over an acai bowl at Atmalogy, that I was inspired to start this blog.


An Acai bowl is like a bowel of a very thick berry smoothie topped with fresh fruit and granola. I don’t eat breakfast, but just thinking about an Acai bowl, makes me want to eat it for breakfast. I tell myself that it is a healthy and sweet treat. *Picture of my acai bowl from Atmalogy.


  1. Check-in on the Yelp mobile app, and get your first cup of coffee free (no purchase necessary, but you can order an Acai bowl to eat with your coffee).
  2. Sign-up to earn Rewards. Typically, most coffee shops have punch cards or credit-card-like cards you can scan to earn rewards for each purchase. Here, there’s a neat old-school filing system – you write your name on a card and file it alphabetically in a filing box. Since I’m used to carrying my own cards in my wallet, I recently forgot to collect a stamp to keep track of my rewards the last time I went – so don’t forget!
  3. Parking is limited, but I haven’t had a problem finding a parking spot the two times that I’ve visited so far. It is within walking distance from the Vanderbilt campus though. For my friends in the Divinity school, according to Google maps, its about a 10 minute walk from the Divinity campus (not bad, but a bit of a hike in the hot weather – for those like myself that have not yet adapted to the weather, cut through campus, walk under shaded trees and stay hydrated with bottled water!).

If you visit, feel free to share your thoughts here. Or if you’d like to visit with me, let me know! Thinking about starting to make my own acai bowls, minus the acai berries because they can be expensive – blueberry bowls?

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