Coffee-inspired Poem

I have a bad habit of collecting coffee cups on my desk. I’ll buy a cup of coffee, and it might last me most of the day. I’ll take small sips as I work. Sip and work. Work and sip. If it gets lukewarm, I’ll reheat it and repeat. But sometimes, I don’t discard my cups and they remain on my desk. They accumulate along with other cups from other days. One day I noticed one of these accumulated cups, and this poem was inspired by that.

Untitled Poem about Coffee:
You drip downward
drop by drop,
and puddles
you leave.
I can trace your presence
by the outline of this cup
and the dark rings and circles
you leave.
I’ve been told you
can tell the age of a
tree by counting
its growth rings.
Cross section the trunk
its leaves.
Well, I know
you are not a tree,
but I can tell
how long you’ve been sitting
there at room temperature
in the cup on my bench
by the canyons and ridges
that decorate its rim
and remind me
of the presence
you leave.

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