Coffee fueled song, “Stay”


A romantic-esque jazz-infused song on friendship and love. It’s conception was not linear or even ordered – in many ways it came in fragments. The melody began when I was sitting in a dorm room during a summer research program playing my old ovation guitar. Three years or so later, a conversation with my sister on belonging and being, led her to say something beautiful that I’ve never forgotten: “You are where you’re supposed to be.” It was validating to hear amidst feelings of disconnectedness. Around that time, a couple friends were relocating and traveling outside of the country, and I began to feel a loss of their presence to distance. I took inspiration from my thoughts and emotions at the time and the conversation I had with my sister, to craft “Stay.”

Note: Live recordings can be filled with unexpected surprises. Listen for it. 🙂

Stay (lyrics)

Waited long now I finally see
that I am where I am supposed to be

You’ve been here all along
why didn’t I notice before?

But the flowers bloom
and the sun shines through the rain.

Thought we were just friends
Now that I realize we’re more
you’re going away
because you can’t stay.

Why do you say you’ll be back another day,
you can’t stay?
When your heart’s saying stay,
why don’t you stay?

I can’t let go,
I can’t imagine losing you,
to the wind and the rain.

Just the other day
I was walking around the bay
and I said,
I can’t imagine losing you.

Waited long do you finally see
that you are where you are supposed to be

I’ve been here all along
Why didn’t you notice before?

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