Coffee-fueled Song, “Who I Am”

My dear friend Mary, has a friend (Business Coach Denise Hedges) who recommended  picking a word as a mantra for the new year rather than making a new year’s resolution. What is your word for 2017? My word is love. It’s a word I use too loosely. I love coffee. I love Frothy Monkey’s sourdough bread. I love music. One goal for 2017, may be to use the word less loosely.

Here’s a song dedicated to my word for next year, called “Who I Am.” The song explores the concept of human and divine love, mostly through the idea that we humans love because of how we “feel,” but perhaps God loves because of who he is. It also explores the idea of vulnerability – how even in moments of human existence when one finds themselves at their lowest and most vulnerable, that God, divine as he may be, may also be just as emotionally vulnerable, perhaps more so than we imagine, and potentially even more so that we, ourselves. Just a thought.

Note: Stuimg_0072mbled across a book called, “31 Days of God’s Love-Call” by Rev. Stephen Joseph Wolf, a Parish Priest at Immaculate Conception Church in Clarksville, TN. I’ve only started to read it, but have been struck by what I’ve read so far, especially a note on the back cover of the book that is addressed to the reader (see left).  It’s a poetic and beautiful description of a love by a divine being that I find myself presently trying to more fully understand, so thank you Rev. Wolf for articulating so simply and artfully. Thanks for your permission to use your quote, and I look forward to our interview over coffee sometime in January. Now, the hard part is to decide where to have coffee…so many great places to choose from.


Who I am (lyrics)

How many days does it take to fall in love?
I gave you a card, and you gave me a hug.
I signed my email “Best,” and you signed yours “Warmly.”
But how do I know just how I feel
If I only met you five days ago?

I don’t know,
But it’s how I feel.
Maybe, it’ll come and go.
I guess you can tell that I’m emotional.

I just want someone,
Someone who loves me.
It don’t take that much time
To know that you love
To know that you care.

I do not know where you stand
Or where you are
Or if you’re free,
But I know someone
Who tells me he loves me.
He said when I first saw you
I knew that I loved you,
I knew that I cared.

I said how did you know just how you felt
If you’d only met me one day ago?
He said I don’t know.
But it’s who I am.

Maybe, you will come and go
But please don’t leave
Because I’m emotional
It’s who I am.


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