Coffee Companions

The question is not what goes well with coffee, but rather, what does not…

1481311997833277Here’s a list of some of my favorites coffee companions:

Avocado Toast – Growing up, my toast was simply bread and butter, and it was mostly white bread, until I slowly acquired a taste for wheat bread. Sometimes, it may have included grape jelly. Avocado toast, is the toast I grew up eating, except better, and requiring the use of a knife and fork.  Typically a variety of wheat bread is topped with an avocado spread – guacamole like, but more smooth than clumpy, with the consistency of a creamy peanut butter. A handful of sunflower seeds and a drizzle of honey are my favorite toppings. 

Any species of pastry – Muffins are a classic companion of coffee. If you prefer your coffee with minimal sugar, like me, a bite of a sugar encrusted muffin goes well with a gulp of minimally sugar-infused coffee.  Permutations of the classic muffin are out there, including the muffin tops, but my favorite is the classic muffin, top and bottom, zucchini or pumpkin flavored. Scones, claws, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, rolls, doughnuts and biscotti are also good companions for coffee, but certainly not the healthiest of options.

Coffee cake – the cake with coffee in its name must have its own category separate from the pastries because its name suggests that it was designed to be eaten with coffee, like tea cakes and tea cookies.

Bagels – A plain, halved but not toasted bagel with cream cheese.

Acai Bowl – A cold berry smoothie in a bowl topped with fresh fruit, granola and coconut. If you eat it too quickly, or if a bite gets too cold for the palate, a gulp of your hot coffee will do the trick – perfect balance of hot and cold.

Chocolate – Dark chocolate with hazelnuts. No commentary needed.

Other species of drinks – As with any diuretic, one must always be careful to stay hydrated. I like to pair my coffee with a cup of water, orange juice, or a smoothie drink.

What are your coffee companions? What do you like to pair with your coffee? 

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