Coffee-fueled song “Seafaring Girl”

What do scientists do when they’re not doing science?  I have scientist friends who perform standup comedy, bake this-can-be-sold-at-a-restaurant-quality baked goods, and perform magic tricks. I write songs. One day during a summer research program I sat in my dorm room with my old ovation guitar and began playing this melody. The backdrop behind the song was a summer filled with adventures, one of which was waking up sometimes at 6AM to meet a lab mate to workout at the gym before going to lab. The mornings that we did make it to the gym would end with us celebrating our achievement over a bowl of fresh fruit, or the best fried Irish potatoes I’ve ever had – which we knew was counterproductive to our workout efforts, but that didn’t stop us from eating them. Amidst working out and eating potatoes, discovering the goodness of the Starbucks java chip frappuccino that summer, and working with fruit flies and mosquitos for my research, I wrote this song.


Seafaring Girl (lyrics)

The nautical mile
I’ve traveled for a while
Tallying the leagues and distance
As I go.

Straight through the water
Down to Gibraltar
Riding through the storms and dangers at sea.

Around and Around the world we go
Sailing across the ocean
Making history.

I’m a seafaring girl
In a seafaring world
The sea is my friend.

Sailing around the tip of Africa
Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea
Silk for gold and gold for silk
Following the trade winds
Wherever they may go

I’m a seafaring girl
In a seafaring world
The sea is my friend.

Vitamin C is all I need
Warm enough to keep from getting scurvy.

Pizarro sailed the ocean blue
Vasco da Gama, he went along too.


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