A Theological Thought on Knowing and Being Known

Super excited and thankful for the opportunity to write a post for the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) blog through a special series made possible by the STEAM grant (Science & Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries). One of the goals of the grant is to create a Faith/Science curriculum for young adult small groups to help facilitate dialogue on science and faith. All of the blog posts in this series will later be published as a booklet curriculum – please feel free to engage with and evaluate my entry, and PM me any suggestions for the final version! You can read the full article here. Below, is a snippet.

“…as a scientist, I’m human; and as a person, I can appear enigmatic. Of course, I don’t like to think of myself as enigmatic, because I am not intentionally so, but I acknowledge that I am quiet and reserved, and it’s a product of the complex interplay of emotions and anxieties and probably the molecules and chemicals inside my brain—a combination of nature and nurture. To know me, is to be patient. To be persistent. To speak with me one-on-one. These introspective ponderings about my identity curiously led me to wonder, “What type of person is God?” To my surprise, reflecting on what it’s like to be known, my theology, and my scientific experience turned out to illuminate each other in ways I didn’t expect.”


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