The Being Behind the Book: Fr. Stephen Joseph Wolf

The original music in this video is under copyright, and is written and performed by my sister, Jazmine.

For Fr. Stephen Joseph Wolf, coffee isn’t quite the sacrament, but it is sacramental. It has a role in ministry – gathering people. There’s a reason that churches have coffee in their lobbies, and for Wolf coffee is “helpful in pastoral counseling situations,” and he often  offers coffee whenever he is meeting with someone one-on-one. So, there we sat sharing a sacramental moment at Atmalogy, discussing one of his devotional book’s “31 Day’s of God’s Love-Call.”

Wolf is a parish priest and pastor at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Clarksville, TN. He is also a published poet, and author of numerous meditation and prayer books, one of which is “31 Day’s of God’s Love-Call,” the first in an 8-part devotional series. For Wolf, the Bible is “a very long love letter…and as a whole can be read in this simple message from God: I made you, I know you, and I love you.” Even within the difficult passages and hard-sayings of that letter, he posits that it is possible to find consolation. Watch the interview above for the full story.

To learn more about Wolf’s work, you can visit his website here.

“31 Days of God’s Love-Call” can be purchased on Amazon here.

May your life be enriched, and filled with love from those you love, today and always. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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