A Theological Thought on Reconciling Spirit and Science


Me as a freshman in college asking famous biologist E.O. Wilson a question about evolution.

Excited for the opportunity to have an article published in the BioLogos faith and science blog! This article is about my journey of reconciling my pentecostal upbringing with my training in science. While it continues to be a work in progress, I am grateful for the people who have been and are currently part of the journey with me. You can read the full article here. Below is a brief excerpt:

“So, here I was—my Pentecostal worldview sufficiently shattered. But yet, in a twist of fate, I now find myself back where I started, sitting in the pews of a non-denominational Pentecostal church. Only this time the pews are cushioned. How did I find my way back? By learning that Pentecostalism doesn’t require being anti-intellectual. Ironically, it was science that taught me this! While the scientific world is often skeptical of the spiritual and supernatural, it welcomes mystery and wonder. This, in a roundabout type of way, makes room for the spiritual.”

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