unspecified-4Science is my profession. Music is my passion. Coffee fuels both ☕️.

I’m a coffee being. A being of the human species who, in her lifetime, has probably had enough coffee for it to be considered part of her identity. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the percolated coffee I’ve consumed has somehow intercalated into my DNA. I suppose anything we consume enough of has the potential to become a part of us, after all, it goes into our bodies, gets broken down and metabolized – recycled and turned into something more useful for our body. We are what we eat, and drink.

Science 🔬
screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-1-57-36-pmI’m a Biologist by training (Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology) with lots of interests ‘within and outside’ of science. Some of these interests include music, creative writing, and coffee…lots of coffee. I am also passionate about science outreach and communication, particularly to religious communities, and it is my hope to explore this through interdisciplinary modes of expression. I am a writer and copyeditor, and I am available to contribute to writing projects.

Music 🎤unspecified
I’m a singer, songwriter and musician. I grew up singing gospel music in church and recording original soul and R&B music written by my Dad under the solo act: Ciara Carmel. Later, my sister and I formed the folk duo “Sweet Rosebud,” preforming covers and original folk music. Music continues to be a large part of my identity – it is an outlet for creative expression, ministry, exploring ideas, and processing lived experiences of human existence. My music can be accessed on this website, Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Instagram, or Facebook.

Coffee ☕️
unspecified-5Coffee fuels my many interests. For me, buying a cup of coffee is more than just the act of buying a cup of coffee or the experience of drinking the coffee. It’s an opportunity to begin (and also resume) my day by venturing from the confines of my house, into the outside world of an indoor coffee shop. It’s an opportunity to meet a friend and share a conversation in an artsy place. Also, the way I see it, buying a cup of coffee is a great way to stimulate yourself and the economy, or at least the economy of coffee shop owners and their employees. There are coffee shops who do a great deal of good – provide venues for people in the community to share their talents in the arts by hosting things like open mics and poetry slams, donate a percentage of proceeds to good causes and make Fair trade options available to their consumers. There’s also plenty of science behind coffee, from the ecology of coffee farming, chemistry of caffeine, and the biology of how the body processes and responds to the cup of coffee we drink.

Here, I will share coffee stories. Stories of coffee and other coffee beings. Stories of coffee shops I visit, and people met and conversations had over coffee, and other coffee-inspired and fueled things I love and can’t help wanting to share.

All photos on this page were taken by my dear friend and talented photographer Kathleen Eady. Please visit her website to see her amazing portfolio of work and to arrange your photoshoot: www.kathleeneady.com