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Pastoring Through a Pandemic: Rev. Leonard Curry,BioLogos Blog, online, February 2021.

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“A Gospel of Creation Care: How an environmental theology class opened my eyes—and mind—to my biblical responsibility.” Orbiter Magazine, online, December 2019.

“Science Evangelism: I share my faith and my belief in science. But I don’t proselytize.” Orbiter Magazine, online, November 2019.

“Why did the squirrel cross the road? Despite the chance of becoming roadkill, maybe it was an act of courage.” Orbiter Magazine, online, October 2019.

“Seeds and Soil, For the truth to germinate, it needs fertile ground,” Orbiter Magazine, online, September 2019.

“Rebirth or Regeneration? Exploring the natural equivalent of what it means to be “born again,” Orbiter Magazine, online, August 2019.

“Quiescence is the hardest part, a pause in cellular development is sort of like waiting on God,” Orbiter Magazine, online, July 2019.

“Loving me, loving them, loving Him,” By Twenty blog, online, August 2019.


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Science and Efficiency,” Cellular and Molecular Biology Program Newsletter (article), May 2016.


The Comfort and Hope of Communion during loss,” God and Nature Magazine, online, Fall 2020.

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The Hermit,” God and Nature Magazine, online publication of the American Scientific Affiliation (poem), Fall 2014.

Book Chapter:

Eagleson, Hannah, editor, “Science and Faith: Student Questions Explored,” Hendrickson, 2019. (contributed a chapter)