biologoslogoSpirit and Science: My Story of Reconciling Pentecostalism with EvolutionBioLogos Blog, online, April 2017.

UnknownHow is our understanding of faith and God different from our understanding of the natural world? How is it similar?,” Emerging Scholars Blog (ESN), online, February 2017.

CTI-logoCiara Reyes on Emerging Scholars Workshop,” Fresh Thinking Blog, Center for Theological Inquiry Blog, online publication, June 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.39.47 AMScience and Efficiency,” Cellular and Molecular Biology Program Newsletter (article), May 2016.

Science Publications:

119Reyes, C.C., Jin, M., Breznau, E., Espino, R., Delgado-Gonzalo, R., Goryachev, A., Miller, A.L. (2014) Anillin regulates cell-cell junction integrity by organizing junctional accumulation of RhoA- GTP and actomyosin. Current Biology. 24:1263-1270.

Watters, M.K., Boersma, M., Johnson, M., Reyes, C.C. et al., (2010) A screen for Neurospora knockout mutants displaying growth rate dependent branch density. Fungal Biology, 115, 296- 301.


headerThe Hermit,” God and Nature Magazine, online publication of the American Scientific Affiliation (poem), Fall 2014.

Music Interviews/Articles:

ScripturallySound-FINAL-2Celebrating God’s Bright & Beautiful On Mother’s Day with Oasis Church,” Scripturally Sound Blog, May 2017.

Nashville Life Music & Their Upcoming Album,” Scripturally Sound Blog, April 2017.

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